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At NEI, our “can do” spirit turns the toughest heating element challenges into sport. We push the limits of power density. We relish complex designs for severe environments. We believe no element is too difficult to form. And we stick to the notion that these elements are designed to last for the long haul.

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As a full service distributor, we stock the most popular sizes and grades of wire, ribbon and rod ideal for applications across all industries. Stocked resistance alloys means better availability, faster delivery and less downtime. We carry only high quality NIKChrome, Nickel-Chrome alloys, Iron-Chrome-Aluminum alloys, molybdenum and ceramic accessories.

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Firebar Radiant Tube


Process Temperatures to 1850°. Lengths from 18” to 10’ (Six Sizes).

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Heating Element Rods


Pure Molybdenum. Heat furnaces to 1900°C. Elements to 100w psi.

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Industrial Heating Ribbon


High Temperature 115°C - 2000°F. Any size, shape and KW rating.

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Variance from 15KW to 500KW. Max element temperature 1450°F.

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Our Service Commitment

Engineering and Solutions just a Phone Call Away

Contact us when you need someone who’s “been there, done that”. Our around the clock service team provides the experience to deliver innovative and workable solutions to any and all heating element challenges.

Need it Fast

Our stocked line of resistance alloys is second to none. In fact, our world’s largest heating element bank ensures industry leading delivery time. Turn to us for all custom and standard industrial needs.

Capable and Committed

Our vast experience includes everything including new design, upgrades and modernization to spare parts and emergency repairs, reconditioning and replacement. We custom engineer for your application.

Our Company

National Element, Inc. is a Michigan Corporation founded in 1960 with the principal business being the design and manufacture of Electric Heating Elements, Chain Driven Wire Mesh Belts, Conveyors, and Conveyor Chains, for industrial applications. National Element holds Six (6) United States patents for high temperature heating element designs. Many products are engineered specials of Nickel-Chrome Alloy, and Powder Metallurgy that successfully push the practical limits of power density, complexity, severe environments, and high temperatures.

"When it comes to Industrial Electrical Heating Elements, we come up with creative ways to do things most people say can't be done."