Industries Served

Since 1960, National Element Inc. has partnered with major manufacturers to create solutions to their industrial heating needs. We customize most products using our extensive experience and metallurgy knowledge to perform in a diverse variety of applications. NEI’s highly specialized teams solve your heating challenges while providing high quality and cost efficiency.


From simple, standard designs to custom engineered, complex heating solutions, NEI can assist your company in choosing the proper design and heating elements. With over 50 years in-the-field experience, we manufacture to your specifications or develop creative and cost effective ways to achieve your individual heating requirement.


Because the end product is only as good as the materials and workmanship that go into it, National Element Inc., subjects all incoming material to rigorous quality testing. Before finished product ships, it undergoes strict performance testing as well. From engineering through production, our customers depend on us to fabricate their heating element with the highest precision and deliver quality through and through.