Industrial Ribbon Heating Elements

Achieve the most heat per square inch with ribbon elements. Typical ribbon elements consist of two rows and suspend in the refractory tile in the ceiling, walls and floors of small industrial high temperature furnaces. We stock many configurations for quick delivery.

National Element Inc’s. patented FireLine* electric heating offers high quality, high power density, excellent hot strength and low watt density. FireLine can compete with much more expensive heavy cross-section elements because the unique crimped channel shape. Choose Fireline when good hot strength, lightweight efficiency and easy installation are a priority.

*FIRELINE U.S. Patent No. 4,649,368 Electric Heating Elements


  • Temperature uniformity and control
  • Stocked accessories: pins, hooks and insulators
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simple replacement

Engineering Specs

  • High Temperature 115°C - 2100°F
  • Stocked sizes available in 35Ni-19Cr
  • Stocked sizes available in 80Ni-20Cr
  • Controlled thermal expansion
  • Engineered to fit your furnace refractory (any size, shape and kilowatt rating)


  • Aging
  • Annealing
  • Automotive glass benders
  • Bell
  • box
  • brazing
  • continuous
  • conveyor chain
  • drive belt
  • drop bottom
  • hardening holding
  • kilnmelting
  • mesh belt
  • muffle pit
  • pot
  • pusher
  • retort
  • roller hearth sintering (p/m)
  • tool room
  • vacuum atmosphere

Ribbon Industrial Heating Element

Ribbon Elements

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