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Over half a century of engineering heating elements

National Element Inc. specializes in global expertise of industrial electric heating elements and conveyors with local manufacturing, delivery and support. Our products are made in the USA to provide the highest quality heating elements and service. With over 60 years of experience in the field, our team utilizes the most up-to-date technology to provide quality, reliable and fast service. NEI’s reputation for innovation comes from our enthusiasm for thinking through complex heating and conveyor challenges. In fact, this passion resulted in six United States patents for high temperature heating element designs. It’s our technical and sensible experience that keeps our customers coming back.

Our People

Electric Heating Elements Made in USA

Steve Best

Steve is our chief electrical element problem solver. It’s virtually guaranteed he has seen just about any application in a furnace, oven or kiln. As our resident metallurgist, Steve knows the in’s and out’s of tolerance, capability and utility. Go ahead and test him on your toughest requirements. He loves a challenge. He’s built his reputation on making, altering, and customizing anything to make it work harder, heat faster or last longer.

Heating Elements for Industrial Applications

Bob Stevenson

Bob is our resident mechanical engineer and wears many hats. He noodles through the toughest mechanical and manufacturing challenges. He’s a top-notch scheduler, purchaser, plant manager and multi-tasker. He’s also a high school football coach so he expects 110% from everyone, all the time!

Industrial Electric Heating Element

Brian Aubert

Brian is our go-to engineer and auto-cad designer. He is our most patient, methodical, careful dot the i’s and cross the t’s guy. His attention to detail is impeccable and his sharp eye keeps us out of trouble.


Jim Vance

Jim is the guy to turn to when you need answers on orders and scheduling. He handles all our order desk items. Jim has worked at NEI in many capacities over the years, he's a wealth of knowledge and very hands on with anything to do with industrial electric heating elements.

Industrial Electric Heating Elements Brighton, Michigan

Our History

National Element, Inc. is a Michigan Corporation founded in 1960 with the principal business being the design and manufacture of Electric Heating Elements, Chain Driven Wire Mesh Belts, Conveyors, and Conveyor Chains for industrial applications. With an eye toward innovation, National Element, Inc. holds Six (6) United States patents for high temperature heating element designs.

In 1974, NEI developed Firebar®. This product converts fuel-fired furnaces to electric with minimal alterations. More recently, NEI developed FireLine, a patented electrical heating technology that provides ribbon element strength by crimping channels into a unique shape.

NEI excels in engineering custom specials of Nickel-Chrome Alloy, and Powder Metallurgy that successfully push the practical limits of power density, complexity, severe environments, and high temperatures. Diverse industries around the world have tried and tested our products and rely on our capability and quality.