Industrial Plug Heaters

High temperature furnaces such as draw, box, vacuum, dryer, glass lehrs and forced air ovens utilize plug heaters constructed with open coils. Engineered for industrial furnaces, NEI builds these heaters in Michigan with hard-working performance in mind. National Element Inc. carries a variety of standard sizes in both vertical drop-in and horizontally mounted units, as well as sizes to fit all units. All rack assemblies manufactured with stainless steel and include a steel top plate and terminal cover box.


  • Ideal for industrial draw furnaces, dryer and forced air ovens
  • Rebuilding and Reconditioning Service
  • Open coil, ribbon and stepped coil elements
  • Ceramic Replacement

Engineering Specs

  • Temperatures to 1450°F (788°C)
  • Variances from 15kw to 500kw for use with any voltage
  • Vertical drop-in or horizontal mounted units
  • 304 , 309 stainless steel rack assembly for low temperature drying
  • 330 stainless steel rack assembly for high temperature draw furnaces
  • Steel top plate and terminal cover box included in assembly


  • Glass annealing
  • Tempering heat treat furnaces
  • Air drawn heat treat furnaces
  • Aging
  • Stress relieving
  • Curing
  • Baking
  • Glass tempering

Plugheaters Industrial Electric Heating Element

Plug Heaters

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