Not all material is created equal. Durability, reliability and consistency is critical to the overall quality and success of a product. That’s why NEI partnered with Kanthal to become the only full service distributor of NIKChrome® in the U.S. NIKChrome® resistance alloys provide excellent resistivity, oxidation resistance and very good form stability. Consistency ensures top quality from delivery to delivery and facilitates trouble-free production. We know lower cost substitutes exist, but we believe there is no substitute for quality.

Rapid Delivery

All sizes and grades of NIKChrome® wire, ribbon and rod are available for one-day shipping. Stocked, on-the-shelf reserve means faster delivery and less downtime. In addition to resistance alloys, we carry ceramics, heating racks, insulators, laboratory furnaces, plus spare parts for older units.

Performance Standards

National Element Inc. stocks only top quality resistance alloy, ceramics and molybdenum to ensure manufactured parts work, last and perform to specifications. All material coming into and out of our facility undergoes rigorous quality control measurements.

Stocked Resistance Alloys

Wire or ribbon resistance heating wire and resistance wire with bright annealed or oxidized surface, depending on size.

High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1250ºC (2280ºF).





Nikrothal Wire or Ribbon
High-resistivity nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1250°C/2280°F. This alloy is characterized by high resistivity, good oxidation resistance and very good form stability. It has good ductility after use and excellent weldability.

80 Alloy - 1200°C/2190°F

Due to extremely good adhesion properties of the surface oxide, Nikrothal 80 offers superior service life compared to competitive nickel-chromium alloys.

70 Alloy - 1250°C/2280°F

Particularly well suited for reducing atmospheres as it is not subject to “green rot”.

60 Alloy - 1150°C/2100°F

Typically used for suspended coils in air heaters and fan heaters.

40 Alloy- 1100°C/2010°F

Typical applications are night-storage heaters, convection heaters, heavy duty rheostats and fan heaters.

NikChrome Heat Resitant Alloys
High-resistivity iron-chromium-aluminum alloys for use up to 1400°C/2550°F

A-1 Alloy Fe-Cr-Al - 1300°C/2370°F

High resistivity and very good oxidation resistance. Typical applications include high-temperature furnaces for heat treatment, ceramics, glass, steel and electronics industries.

AF Alloy Fe-Cr-Al - 1300°C/2370°F

Excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life. Typically used in electrical heating elements industrial furnaces and home appliances.

APM Alloy Fe-Cr-Al - 1425°C/2600°F

Unique combination of excellent oxidation properties and form stability contributes to long element service life. Low tendency to aging and low resistance to change. Good protection in corrosive atmospheres as well as in atmospheres with high carbon potential and no scaling.

D Alloy Fe-Cr-Al - 1300°C/2370°F

High resistivity and good oxidation resistance. Industrial applications include terminals to furnace elements, porcupine elements for air heating and furnace heating elements.