Heating Element Made-In-USA
As a leader in industrial electric heating elements, conveyor and material handling systems, we believe no electrical element is too difficult to form, no challenge too arduous, no puzzle too complex. Our Heating Element Bank is your best resource to find the quickest, most stable and reasonably priced heating elements. Our six U.S. patents speak to our intense focus on innovation, product development and functionality. | Inquire

Our Core Elements


National Element’s founder, Lorne Best, started our legacy of innovation with his patented ideas. Since then, original thinking, collaboration and creativity proves to be our greatest asset. The legacy continues each and every day with our dedicated team of problem solving engineers, sales people and designers. We challenge ourselves to deliver quick, solid solutions without ever compromising quality. Adhering to established industry standards and practices, we develop efficient designs for special engineered applications.


We understand how critical it is to keep your equipment running. Our service commitment is getting your equipment up and back to working capacity as quickly as possible. Whether it’s expedited parts shipping, short term quick fix or upgrade, we understand the sooner the element is operational, the better. That’s one of the reasons we stock all sizes and grades of NIKChrome® wire, ribbon, and rod for a one-day delivery. Plus, all our products are made in the USA.


Craftsmanship, rugged design and superior materials make our reputation. Because we use only top quality components, the products we produce are durable and made to last. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kanthal® to become the only full service distributor of NIKChrome® Alloys in the United States. This resistance alloy is an authentic nickel-chromium (NiCr alloy) for use at temperatures up to 1200˚C/2190˚F. Lower cost substitutes exist, but we believe there is no substitute for quality.