For medium to heavy-duty conveyor belt applications you can’t beat National Element Inc. high quality chain. Key to the strength of our standard chain is seamless steel bushings. Seamless bushings provide better strength and roundness than conventional formed bushings and there is no gap to fill up with dirt or sludge.

NEI heat treats each chain pin, roller and bushing for extra wear resistance. Attention to detail at every level including: press fit bushings to lock against rotation for long service life, sidebar hole flats to accommodate standard pins and oversize rollers to provide a rolling rather than sliding action to reduce drag load. Each component undergoes strict inspection during the manufacturing process.


  • Roller, Pintle, and Wire mesh Chain
  • High-quality domestic components
  • Standard chain includes straight sidebars
  • Large diameter rollers
  • Standard and special attachments


  • Seamless steel bushings
  • Flat milled pins and bushings
  • Standard bushed roller chain: WSR 3010, WSR 4012, WSR 4019, WSR 6018
  • Heat treated for extra resistance to wear
  • Case hardness twice the depth of industry practice


  • Bake oven
  • Annealing
  • Washing
  • Quenching
  • Finishing
  • Handling
  • Sludge/chip removal
  • Scrap

Industrial Conveyor Chain

Conveyor Chain

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