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The right furnace for the job

Electrical furnaces convert electricity to heat safely, cleanly and cost effectively. The types of labs that use electric furnaces range from dental labs to university labs to quality control labs. Accordingly, the needs of each laboratory can be very different. Important specifications to consider when searching for a laboratory furnace include the process temperature, control requirements, dimensions of sample and inner dimensions of chamber or tube and pressure range.


Electric furnaces are clean, safe, and better for our environment. Electric heat is efficient and clean. Furthermore, you can recycle your heating elements. Send your old elements to National Element Inc. for re-cycling, and re-melting and save energy for the future.




Operate on A.C. and D.C. and used on either 120-or 240-volt circuits, but not both.

Industrial Crucible Furnace


Temperature controlled by autotransformer.

Hot Plate Furnace


Built for hard, continuous service. Operate on 120-volt A.C. or D.C. (240-volt units are also available).

Muffle Furnace


Fully pre-wired. Selectable control mode. Automatic tuning. Nonvolatile memory.